Movies for Programmers

When I started the Web Development Immersive program at General Assembly on of the first things that was mentioned was the Growth Mindset, and with that Searching for Bobby Fischer.

I watched the movie almost immediately and there were so many hidden lessons I was totally blown away. Throughout the program a couple of other movies were mentioned, The Imitation Game was an excellent one, and I’ve been thinking about what movies would be relevant to programmers.

Here’s my current list, I’ll update it as I find more movies to add:

Searching for Bobby Fischer
Great examples of Growth Mindset

The Imitation Game
Encryption, computers, logic, oh my!

We Live in Public
A bit of a dot com documentary, some very interesting lessons on user interaction.

Good Will Hunting
No company will ever take you seriously if you can’t do a good Boston accent. There, I said it, now how do you like dem apples.

War Games

Design, fonts, history, up your appreciation for the work that goes into a very overlooked product.

Send me your suggestions for other movies that should be on this list!

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