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I’m a web developer, designer, and product manager based out of Somerville Mass. I’ve always loved creating things, from acrylic art, to customer knowledge bases I love making things that people will enjoy and will improve their lives.
I completed the General Assembly Web Development Immersive program so I could take projects from the original germ of an idea and transform them into working web applications. This build on my over 10 years of working in customer service roles where I have build out customer training programs, created on-boarding resources, managed ticketing systems, and collaborated with go to market and product teams.
I’m also an experienced entrepreneur having launched two companies with four unique products. This has given me a chance to build full products from start to finish as well as learn how to quickly iterate over features and adjust to market needs.

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WP Update Fail
February 12, 2019
When I first set up my blog I went for Wordpress. At the time I was smack dab in the middle of the General Assembly WDI program so it was a little counter-intuitive. To me it was the mo...
The Power of Point Five – Learn More About Your Numbers
January 12, 2017
I've been doing daily coding challenges on a couple of websites. It's been great to keep my skills fresh and find where I can improve my programming skills. Now the problem that I was wor...
Why Tony the Tiger thinks you’re great, and doesn’t give a shit who’s the best
Why Tony the Tiger thinks you’re great, and doesn’t give a shit who’s the best
January 5, 2017
Tony the Tiger, mantiger, myth, legend. It's all about being a tiger, an animal. But it's not about being the best... Here's the standard scenario. Kid isn't sure he can do something...