A Beginners Guide to Blogging

I’ve blogged on and off for years, but it’s mostly been off. For others that end up in the same position that I’ve been in here is some advice that I’ve received to help you start:

  • Write – find any platform where you can quickly and easily capture your thoughts. This may be a notebook, twitter, a document, all that’s important is that you start writing.
  • Share – don’t keep your thoughts to yourself! Put your content in a place that is unrestricted and can be found. This doesn’t mean that you need to tell the world every time you make a post or an edit, just make your work available.
  • Don’t be Afraid! – do you want to improve? Cool! That means that you’ll have faults, make mistakes and it also means that you will learn and over time your writing, and information that you provide to the world, will get better.


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